When something starts rhyming in my head… or forms any sort of structure that I find interesting, it goes here

If you see

If you notice the eyes seeking the flowers, the sun, the night sky If you notice the constant longing for fresh air If you see the way I get lost in nature, in stories and in everything else that carries me away If you see through me to me, with all my intricacies You see […]



There’s a feeling I have been trying to place for some time. Something about loss, something about things being irreversible, something about grasping at empty feelings. I can’t trace it. It feels like I run and run and run at it but I can’t hold it, and I cannot understand it. It’s something to do […]



Everything seems well and good. Until you remember, you have always held your body as a beacon heralding harm And darkness resides in corners you don’t know, waiting to creep up into your heart And your heart, it’s an iron walled cage with a gentle, sensitive soul. It hurts and it hurts so it twines […]



People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of wind on a summer night Like a wisps of smoke trailing heavenward And all that’s left in their wake  is the fragrance of their presence  A distant memory of their touch  On your life People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of wind […]