When something starts rhyming in my head… or forms any sort of structure that I find interesting, it goes here

Musings – 1.6.19

What keeps you inspired? What keeps you creative? What keeps you writing through the good days and the bad? I have always had a haphazard approach to writing. A certain thought or certain mood could spur me to pen a poem or a story idea. Or the rainy weather could get me thinking of something […]


A note on mental health

If you have ever suffered with depression or anxiety, if you are currently suffering with it, you know that sometimes, you can spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks feeling like you are utterly incomplete. Like all of you is never quite completely there. And these phases are so difficult to go through, to understand. And […]



Hold on to the people in your life The ones who give you space to exist in theirs You get to be part of a myriad of tales And you live through a hundred different stories Some of yours, some of theirs



The hours rush by And day turns to night And night turns into day And we exist In a muddle of crowds, aspirations and emotions Craving for a change For time to still For the day to dawn For the storms to pass by


These Nights

These nights, these nights, these hazy nights Eyes wide open, mind unclear These days, these days, these days Things just dont feel right Eyes wide open, heart unsure I’ve been here before, I can’t say I dont know I’ve walked down these roads before, sat through the same show I know how it all ends, […]


Wishful Thinking

“There has to be a way to fix everything  a magical glue that sets the world right  every broken heart, every broken dream  every broken bone, and every broken link  magically glued to work right  Everything lost found again  Everything that hurts, fixed with time.”