When I see something unique, something that sparks off little thoughts in my head, they form a rhyming structure. They pretty much create themselves and land here.

Statue of Alabaster

I saw a statue of alabaster unaware of the fragile heart that rested within I admired the smooth supple skin on its surface blind to its guilt and its sin I saw a statue of alabaster an object of idolation, and a desire burned within to be a statue of alabaster, always poised and serene.


Curtain Call

Honey,  I know the clouds are there And a storm looks imminent  There will be flashes of lightning And there might be thunder And the whole sky is going to put up a show You don’t have to be afraid though. Just sit back, open your eyes and empty your mind. The performance is almost […]



And I guess, I know what it is to be content. It is to be full of love and light To look into the eyes of a loved one And see it reflected back at you It is to laugh, loud and helplessly so To be alone with a book that mirrors your soul To […]


Letting Go

People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of wind on a summer night Like a wisp of smoke trailing heavenward And all that’s left in their wake  is the fragrance of their presence  A distant memory of their touch  On your life People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of wind […]