There’s a feeling I have been trying to place for some time. Something about loss, something about things being irreversible, something about grasping at empty feelings. I can’t trace it. It feels like I run and run and run at it but I can’t hold it, and I cannot understand it. It’s something to do […]


Musings – 1.6.19

What keeps you inspired? What keeps you creative? What keeps you writing through the good days and the bad? I have always had a haphazard approach to writing. A certain thought or certain mood could spur me to pen a poem or a story idea. Or the rainy weather could get me thinking of something […]


Wishful Thinking

“There has to be a way to fix everything  a magical glue that sets the world right  every broken heart, every broken dream  every broken bone, and every broken link  magically glued to work right  Everything lost found again  Everything that hurts, fixed with time.”