A note on mental health

If you have ever suffered with depression or anxiety, if you are currently suffering with it, you know that sometimes, you can spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks feeling like you are utterly incomplete. Like all of you is never quite completely there. And these phases are so difficult to go through, to understand.

And then, out of the blue, these days appear where you feel good. You feel whole. You feel like you could go out there and achieve anything. These are the days you are the person you truly are and you want to be.

And I think, these are a reminder that you can take a step above your mental illness. These are a reminder that you have a fighting chance. You still exist and you are so strong and so brave. And I want you to remember these days. I hope that you have so many more of them. I want you to know, you will be okay.

These Nights

These nights, these nights, these hazy nights

Eyes wide open, mind unclear

These days, these days, these days

Things just dont feel right

Eyes wide open, heart unsure

I’ve been here before, I can’t say I dont know

I’ve walked down these roads before, sat through the same show

I know how it all ends, I know just how this going to go

You see, the map has changed, the terrains will shift,

the weather won’t be the same anymore

But there will be a new path to follow

Because with change, comes healing.

– For the minds that continue to race into the depths of the night

Statue of Alabaster

I saw a statue of alabaster

unaware of the fragile heart that rested within

I admired the smooth supple skin on its surface

blind to its guilt and its sin

I saw a statue of alabaster

an object of idolation,

and a desire burned within

to be a statue of alabaster,

always poised and serene.

Snow Globe

Maybe if you looked at the world

like you would at a glass snow globe

You would understand,

That we share the same sky

And the same snow blankets us all

And we aren’t all that different from each other

A grand tale

A grand tale

My love,

There is a grand story being written here

You won’t see the pattern in it’s ebb and flow

You won’t be able to guess at its ending

but you will walk the paths you have to walk

and as all good tales go,

one day you will find yourself standing on the last page

and as you live out your last breath

you will realise,

you have been staring at the ending all along


And I guess,

I know what it is to be content.

It is to be full of love and light

To look into the eyes of a loved one

And see it reflected back at you

It is to laugh, loud and helplessly so

To be alone with a book that mirrors your soul

To walk on empty roads, not alone,

but with your presence at your side

To be away and yet at home

Letting Go

People pass like time

Like running water

Like drafts of wind on a summer night

Like a wisp of smoke trailing heavenward

And all that’s left in their wake 

is the fragrance of their presence 

A distant memory of their touch 

On your life

People pass like time

Like running water

Like drafts of wind on a summer night

Like a wisps of smoke trailing heavenward

Paper Girl

Paper Girl

She was the girl who survived,

the one who lived to tell the tale,

and was assumed the stronger for it.

Little did you know –

you could breathe life into a paper girl

but you could never make her real.

She would always be made of paper,

always susceptible to flames.