You are so broken, it’s almost beautiful.

Like a cracked porcelain vase

A memento of the great beauty it was

A reminder of the great storms it has passed

And time will not put you together again.

Because that would mean undoing its art.

But for each little fragment of yourself that you have lost

You are a little closer to who you are. 



I have meandered a thousand incomplete thoughts

Wandered through the unfamiliar terrains of my mind

I have picked my way through the sharp shards

left from the words I have said to myself

And after all these years, meeting myself 

felt like taking a breath of fresh air

After suffocating in the stagnant breath of a lifetime

Statue of Alabaster

I saw a statue of alabaster

unaware of the fragile heart that rested within

I admired the smooth supple skin on its surface

blind to its guilt and its sin

I saw a statue of alabaster

an object of idolation,

and a desire burned within

to be a statue of alabaster,

always poised and serene.


O weary traveller 

Your soul lifted

To allow your spirit to roam free

untethered in distant lands

and you;

you uprooted yourself 

And lost your way home

so you wander

Lost and unfound

Center Yourself

Maybe it will be

in the silence of a noisy road,

in the stillness of a crowded hospital,

in the vibrancy of the same four walls,

wherever it is though,

wherever you find your peace –

center yourself.



Since young, I have been told to make the “right decisions”. And for the longest time, I have done just that. I would put my needs second to anybody else because that was the right thing to do. I would not argue with my parents because it was the right thing to do. I forced myself not to hold grudges because it was the right thing to do.

But there is a huge problem with making the right decision. The right decision is an arbitrary aggregate of the decisions of a group of individuals. What is considered right changes with our society, our culture, our religion and the company we keep. Making decisions based on what is right is essentially comparing it to the decisions of tons of other individuals and seeing if it matches. Why should we have to do that? Why should anybody else’s decision determine yours?

The only decision you should be focusing on is your own. If you had to make your decision, do it based on what feels good to you.



What do you call this?
This waiting on the edge of my seat,
fingers drumming in anticipation,
mind alert, eyes wide open
What is it that I am waiting for?
What adventures are headed my way?
What should I seek next