Musings – 1.6.19

What keeps you inspired? What keeps you creative? What keeps you writing through the good days and the bad? I have always had a haphazard approach to writing. A certain thought or certain mood could spur me to pen a poem or a story idea. Or the rainy weather could get me thinking of somethingContinue reading “Musings – 1.6.19”

Statue of Alabaster

I saw a statue of alabaster unaware of the fragile heart that rested within I admired the smooth supple skin on its surface blind to its guilt and its sin I saw a statue of alabaster an object of idolation, and a desire burned within to be a statue of alabaster, always poised and serene.

Curtain Call

Honey,  I know the clouds are there And a storm looks imminent  There will be flashes of lightning And there might be thunder And the whole sky is going to put up a show You don’t have to be afraid though. Just sit back, open your eyes and empty your mind. The performance is almostContinue reading “Curtain Call”

A grand tale

My love, There is a grand story being written here You won’t see the pattern in it’s ebb and flow You won’t be able to guess at its ending but you will walk the paths you have to walk and as all good tales go, one day you will find yourself standing on the lastContinue reading “A grand tale”

Letting Go

People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of wind on a summer night Like a wisp of smoke trailing heavenward And all that’s left in their wake  is the fragrance of their presence  A distant memory of their touch  On your life People pass like time Like running water Like drafts of windContinue reading “Letting Go”